“El Baile de Osito” by Los Ranas

Samba at its craziest...sexiest...most addictive

The first 20s of this song are held responsible for bringing the term “Crippling Samba Addiction” into my vernacular. Fact #1: any time the thought “Samba” flashes through my neurons, it is immediately followed by  DUM-DUM (which of course the sound of  the most killer drumbeat to hit my earlobes yet). El Baile de Osito is quintissential…100%…pure…untamed  Samba music. All other Samba tunes are pale shadows of this one. I do not lie.

OK, so the song tore its way into my life whilst I was still a relative newbie to social ballroom dancing. It came on mid-way through a dance party: I immediately sprinted over to an instructor and told them that I’d no idea what the HELL this was, but I simply HAD to learn how to dance to it THIS INSTANT. It’s rather lucky that I was obliged, because I might have gone beserk had I been left at the sidelines for this number.

I feel I’m just running this article around the tip of one of the most important motivations I have for ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing is truly the most controlled and effective way of releasing emotions when confronted by music. It’s almost impossible to fully express yourself to music like Samba without knowing the standardised moves: otherwise you have no control and thus no proper channelling can occur. A big challenge for me was learning how to calm myself down when Samba music came on enough to dance it properly.

Back to this song. The reason I like it is because of it’s ferociously strong beat – I’m into heavy metal and everything with aggressive use of drums. I also find this music really tuneful – a lot of Samba music has a distinctive beat, but the continual rhythmn comes out a little mundane on the ear. El Baile de Osito has a lot of whistles, lilts, and extra drums thrown in there just for the banter. I would happily listen to this on my mp3 player as I’m commuting by train: other samba songs I’d never bother listening to outside the dance studio.

It took me forever to learn the identity of this addictive musical number, and thus I had to painfully endure dance parties for months on end just waiting to hear that magical opening…DUM-DUM. Eventually, armed with a name and the artists, I sat myself down in front of Google and got typing. I nearly drove myself to madness in the process: the song evidently wasn’t mainstream, I couldn’t find any YouTube videos, Last FM records or wikipedia articles. I’m never particularly rational when it comes to Samba. Especially not when I’m faced with the possibilty of getting DENIED it.

Seeing as I’m able to type up this article in a lucid fashion, you can safely assume I got something.

Ignore what the woman is doing. She’s dancing some shitty soft-core latin workout fad called Zumba. Zumba ain’t Samba. Zumba is beneath me. Instead listen to the music playing, and you’ll understand what I’ve been saying.


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