Logan Square Fountain, Philadelphia

Fireworks over Logan Square Fountain. What an awesome picture.

The fountain as I first saw it...

My mother was a very strong proponent of having a Favourite Fountain in the World. She introduced me to hers in the Jardin de Luxeumburg in Paris. I admit that I was very taken with it at the time (I wasn’t much more than 12). However, I’m a fully grown up adult now, and I need to find my own favourite fountains.

Call it fate, call it coincidence, but my Fountain lies in the heart of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, PA. It’s not one of those things I can logically analyse – why is this fountain my favourite instead of the George Washington one under the Art Museum (ie, just up the road) or the one in Rittenhouse Square that has multi-coloured light effects (which I regularly frolic in)?

All I can say is that I know my Favourite Fountain when I see it. The frogs and turtles are cute, the ladon the central dais is strapping, the plumes of water seen from a distance are exciting. I can stick my feet in it on hot summer days. I can watch the water for hours. It all just fits together, man…


2 thoughts on “Logan Square Fountain, Philadelphia

  1. I never thought about it before, but I think I have a favorite fountain. It’s just a small one, a few blocks from our apartment next to one of the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital buildings. There are bronze otters frollicking in it, and they remind me of my boys (my cats). I have sat on a bench there with a friend or alone on my phone until 2 in the morning on some occasions. It’s a happy place.

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