My Top 5 Favourite Happy Songs

These are ultimate listening when I need to get myself in a good mood ASAP. The songs that aren’t serious, but fun in content and as listening material. (In no particular order)

Come up and See Me (Make me Smile) – Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel

It’s hard not to respond in a positive manner to the “smiiiiiillllle” in the chorus line. The quirky and punchy little melody line is similarly cheery. I like the affectionate cajoling of the lyrics – whoever the song is aimed at sounds like a minxy little trouble-maker. “Away, away (la la la) – and don’t say maybe you’ll try…”

I’m Yours – Jason Mrasz

A cute little love song with some sparkling lines and ear nibbling. “I’ve been spending way too much time checking my tongue in the mirror, and bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer: But my breath fogged up the glass…so I drew a new face and I laughed.” I’ve been to Kauai, by the way – that’s where the music video is based – so that adds a dimension of familiarity into the mix.

You Make My Dreams Come True – Hall & Oates

It’s the tune that really sends my endorphins surging: it twangs and hops excitedly. The bouncy delivery of the lyrics adds to the energetic fun. Though you’ll be dancing before Misters Hall and Oates even kick in vocally.

Escape (The Pina Colada Song) – Rupert Holmes

Cheesy? Oh yes please! The “plot line” of the song doesn’t exactly contain a twist, but it makes a lovely change from all the other songs which start on the premise that you’re disatisfied with someone’s love. Andl, I DO happen to like getting caught in the rain (and the feel of the ocean, but not the taste of champagne) – so I guess the song connotates to happy and fun things in my life too.

Born to Love You – Freddie Mercury

Hang around for the instrumental section – there’s a freaking fantastic build-up in there. It’s perhaps the most emotionally intense of the selection here, but the gusto with which Freddie sings it is uplifting all by itself. “An amazing feeling commmmiiiinnnnng thrrrroooough…!” Nuff said.


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