Postcard from New York

New York City, NY. Aug 2009.

It wasn’t until I came to America that I learned that NY can mean 2 different things. To those non-native to the USA it stands for NYC, the city of cities. However, it can also refer to “upstate New York” which is everything NYC is not: serene outdoor wilderness. New York was the first city I visited on the Eastern Seaboard, at the first possible opportunity, Labor Day. Of course, this photograph of the Manhattan skyline is a cliche. Of course, this photograph of the Manhattan skyline is a cliche. It’s taken from the roof of the highest building in the Rockefeller Centre (Top of the Rock) and shows downtown Manhattan and the Empire State Building. Yet…when the picture is in Black & White I think it also manages to capture the mystique and aurora of the massive, hectic metropolis.

My favourite part of Manhattan is the Lower part, the area that I saw referred to as ‘Nieuw Amsterdam’. Here the iconic Avenues and chunky skyscrapers are replaced by the tight and winding streets of the oldest part of the city. The street that took me to the New York Stock Exchange was little more than a glorified alleyway off the side of a busier road. The label for such old-fashioned city layouts in “European”: while I usually mistrust North Americans who label US or Canadian cities as “European”, I can often see their point…

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