Postcard from Savannah

Savannah, Georgia. Dec 2009.

By this stage in my travels across the USA I’d given up on my battery-guzzling digital camera and decided instead to wing it with a disposable one. I can’t claim more than an average interest in taking good photographs, but I hold a lot of faith in getting good pictures out of cheap cameras. It’s surprising what a Crop can do. 

Anyway, in the early (6am) hours of the morning I was dropped off at Savannah Amtrak station and made my way to the Historic District to wait for the world to rise. In another case of reading inspiring real life, I’d not long dispatched “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” by John Berendt. While my encounters with any eccentric local members of the populace was kept to a bare minimum, I admit to becoming slightly smitten with Savannah’s Old South charm.

The limitations of a cheap Kodak actually give the picture its beauty. Contrasting the muted morning tones of a shaded leafy square are the tastefully hung red Christmas bunting.


One thought on “Postcard from Savannah

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