Professional Charter

Accountability is something I consider very important, especially in a professional context. I believe that ultimately I am responsible for my own actions, and I am the only person who controls my behaviour. I also feel that now I’m a graduate with several years worth of work behind me that I can’t claim inexperience as a valid reason for making mistakes.

I decided to create some sort of Professional Charter.

1. Awareness of strengths & weaknesses. At the end of the day, I’m human. We all are. There are aspects of myself that I want to improve, as well as qualities that I wish to showcase. Writing down how I want to come across in the workplace will act as a personal development plan/reference for my actions. Hopefully I can look at the written document at various points in my career and see how well I’m meeting those targets.

2. Making the right choices. In the professional environment I can checklist my intended actions against the Charter and know instantly if they are in-keeping with my stated ethics. It should also give me that bit more confidence to do the right thing.

3. It makes me more accountable in the eyes of others. I’m not sure how public I’m going to make this Charter, but I intend to put it in my workspace/desk somewhere. I just hope it doesn’t come across as too pretentious.

Anyway, the source. I did a Google Search for Professionalism Quotes, and this is what I dug up.


The Australian website ZDNet created this list of the characteristics possessed by professionals. I think it covers all bases in an unambiguous, non-cheesy and flowing way. Golden Rules for grown-ups, eh?

So, that’s my Charter for you. Hope you like it. Hope you’ll be able to agree down the line that I managed to stick to it.





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