Postcard from Acadia National Park

May 2010. In Acadia ergo.

The article in my USA East Coast guidebook pulled no punches: Acadia National Park in Maine was a five-star must-see attraction. The beauty of the New England coastline was truly enchanting and drew holidaymakers in droves. Their description hooked me alright.

My spirits were crushed however when I first took a look at the logistics of a potential trip. I was carless and license-less. Acadia NP was off the Northeastern Corridor railway. Public transport was limited, save for coach tours. That was me rather stuck.

Until I saw that one of my hiking friends was planning Memorial Day Weekend trip to Baxter State Park to bag Mt Katahdin, Maine’s highest peak. Even better, plans had been left open for the rest of the weekend. My request for a side-trip to Acadia was granted.

And what a trip it was! We took on the gruelling 10 h mountain ascent, then drove down to the coast the next day. We explored coastal walks, climbed several high points, ate lobster and went sea kayaking. Back in Pennsylvania I was angsty about my coursework submissions and upcoming DanceSport competition; up in the idyllic corner of New England I felt serene and happy. To me Acadia NP was blissfully dreamlike. Few places I’ve been to felt as magic as this one…

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