Midnight in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a special place, anybody who passes through it will figure that out immediately. Stay a little longer, and you’ll see that its a magical place, too. At night it transforms into something else altogether: otherworldly and enchanting. The keen resident photographers that I know of will be able to show you this better than me – their high-tech cameras are good at capturing such things, after all. These are some of my favourite shots of my favourite places.

Diana Eastman Photography (deeastman.com)

Still daytime, but with an aura of subterranean griminess. You always walk quickly through the semi-hidden Closes.

Jack Davolio (jackdavolio.co.uk)

Waverley Station. At night when most of the trains have departed, it becomes little more than a direct (and well-lit/sheltered) way for me to get between the Royal Mile and Princes Street. Still, it is not without its charm.

Matthew May (mjmayphotography.com/)

The student area of Edinburgh – Marchmont. The signature terraced houses stretch as far as the eye can see. So many windows to look through…

Diana Eastman (deeastman.com)

When summer ends and the days shrink, this is the sort of sight I had to put up with, day-in and day-out as I came home to my central Edinburgh flat from the gym, socials or class. Old College, the cornerstone of the University.

You do good to head up one of the tame mountains as well. Carlton Hill and its Folly is a special place anyway: it’s used annually by the Beltane Fire Society for their Beltane performance.

Mitch Mccabe

Matthew May (mjmayphotography.com)

If you’re not afraid of the dark, don’t forget to turn away from the glowing city panoramas and search out the places that come without their own illumination. Blackford Hill observatory, for a start.

Jack Davolio (jackdavolio.co.uk)

One of the last night-time treats I experienced as a resident of Edinburgh happened to be our student’s union Teviot on the night of the Graduation Ball. I learned not to take this place for granted, to always look out for its beauty and surprises, which will never stop coming.


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