The “Red Dress” state of mind

After getting in from work I like to go on the web and just unplug for an hour or so. Reading blogs, posting stuff on Twitter & Facebook, listening to music on YouTube (because I’m too stingy to buy songs on iTunes).

In particular I’ve become a cult follower of The Bloggess. She’s a blogger based in Austin, Texas and makes me laugh a lot.

…But she also makes me think, too.

This is a post of hers I especially like, because I agree with the sentiment. You can easily let life – and the process of living – pass you by, simply because (a) you want to stay in your comfort zone (b) you’re afraid of how people might perceive you if you do something impulsive/outrageous/out of character.

Well…F*ck that. I say wear that red dress. And wear it in your head when it’s in the wash.

If you've made it this far down the post I bet you've got something to say. Go on, say it.

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