The Most Important Relationships of My Life So Far Have Been With Cities…

Basel's winter decorations - pine trees affixed to the buildings of the street and illuminated. Serenely peaceful, with the wonderful musky scent of pines...

Location. That’s the most important thing.

If you love where you are, the rest of your life will fall into place.

If you don’t love where you are living, nothing will feel quite right. Even if the rest is perfect.

If everything else screws up, the city will still be there for you. Always. Unconditionally.

It’s a dynamic relationship between you and your city; one that you’ll keep on working at. You’re unlikely to hit off immediately, it takes time and effort and an open mind. The rewards are worth it, though.

When you walk through your chosen city you feel at home, like you belong there. The monuments and everyday sights around town can be guaranteed to cheer you up, to make you smile. You love wasting time in it as much as you love keeping yourself busy within it.

You’ll travel and explore and go off on adventures, but you’ll always be made to feel welcome and happy upon your return. The city never stops being a home to you.

A city you love will be with you for life.

PostScript Note. The other night a group of us Dragons went running out through a park to the south of Basel’s city centre. It was a cold winter night, little light in the park save for the far-off glow of streetlamps. Mist was descending rapidly. Then in the distance we heard music. Out of the mist emerged 4 piccolo players walking in slow formation. Fasnacht rehearsals. After they passed, the Dragons wondered which group thought the other was crazier. I love this crazy city, I really do.


4 thoughts on “The Most Important Relationships of My Life So Far Have Been With Cities…

  1. SO. True. I feel that way about Chicago. I moved not because I stopped loving the city, but because I was being denied quality time with the city I loved, because the friends I had were becoming comfortable in the suburbs; they’d grown tired of my city-significant-other! Easier to move and make new friends in a new place than to stay in the same place and offend my people!

    But Chicago is still Chicago, and on the rare occasions I return, it still loves me as it always has!

  2. Wise words, my friend. Did you know that I hated Philly when we first moved here? Absolutely loathed it. Now simply adore.

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