My Approaches To Solving Problems: “Have you tried drinking more coffee?”

Have you tried drinking coffee?

1. Drink Coffee.
I’m a bit of a coffee monster. Since I don’t smoke, drink alcohol or eat meat…I guess I need at least one proper vice, right? I’m fairly certain that I drink enough espressos to make it a worthwhile vice, none of this latte nonsense. There’s something about the bitter taste and process of cradling a warm mug that helps me. I guess it slows my thoughts down. When my thoughts slow down it becomes easier to think things through and come up with solutions, ideas and perspective.

2. Sit in a cafe and watch the world go by.

Firstly because it gets me out of the house into a new, neutral, less stressful situation. Secondly because I like people-watching and can make a single mug of coffee last over an hour in the process. I like being around people and a bit of noise and life, even when I’m not in a socialising mood. Some top people-watching cafes include “Black Medicine” –  Edinburgh, UK; “Starbucks on Manayunk’s Main St” – Philadelphia, USA; “Sutter Begg” – Basel, Switzerland.

3. Have a hot bath & good night’s sleep.

…Yknow, sometimes when I’m tired everything just gets blown out of proportion. Then I get all melodramatic and things seem far worse than they actually are. Going to sleep also serves as a  method of drawing a line under a problem or mistake or bad situation: I’ll go to sleep, when I wake it’ll be a new day and I can start all over again. I’ll also be viewing the problem in a fresh light, too.

And baths? Baths are magical. Hot showers cover the basics (i.e, not smelling), but baths are a spiritual process.

4. Think about Philadelphia for a bit.

Thinking when I’ll next be back in my beloved patron city usually cheers me up/calms me down. My year in Philadelphia is a good example of when I got life perfectly right. I travelled, made great friends, connected to the city, had wonderful adventures and overcome the problems I was confronted with. So when I’m confronted with challenges and doubts and low self-esteem I’m able to project myself back to a time when I was on top of my life. Surely I can repeat that achievement, can’t I?

5. Play some music.

Sad songs don’t usually make things better. “Sad Songs” by Elton John does. Other suitable happy songs include:

The Way You Make Me Feel” – Michael Jackson, “I’m Yours” – Jason Mrasz, “Come up and see me (Make me smile)” – Steve Harley. “Live it Up” – Mental as Anything.

Or if I’m in a F*ck The Lot Of You mood, then “Marry the Night” by Lady Gaga helps.

For me at least, music is some sort of emotion life-line. I can use it modulate my emotions, shaking me out of downs, conquering fears and reluctance. I like to have music in the background of my life: listening to the radio at work, switching off in the evenings with the finest from my iTunes collection. I apologise for those with high-brow musical tastes who’ve been offended by my choice of cheesy pop music: I’m a musical omnivore – I take in everything.

6. Go for a run.

Bit of pavement pounding? Letting some aggro out? Releasing a shot of endorphins? Yeah, I think so too…


Do as many of these in combination as necessary: problem will get solved, I guarantee.

Who else out there has tried & trust problem-solving strategies too?

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