Postcard from Prague

Charles Bridge

The European overnight train service system is fantastic.  The DB rail network can get me from Basel to (amongst other destinations) Berlin…Amsterdam…Copenhagen…and this time, Prague.

Tyn Church on the Old Town Square

I heard wonderous things about Prague. Much like I’ve heard wonderous things about every major European city. While I’ve never yet been disappointed by these claims, I still remain slightly cynical: just how fantastic can one city really be? Can it really top the other cities I’ve visited?

View of Hradcany, site of Prague Castle

Well, I’m not sure that Prague stands above the likes of Vienna, Berlin or Zurich…but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. The hordes upon hordes of tourists didn’t endear me to the place, but the glorious sunshine did. If you like architecturally diverse Central European cities then you will love Prague. Goodness knows, I needed the break.

Gardens of the Czech Senate.


2 thoughts on “Postcard from Prague

  1. These are phenomenol pictures! Did you take them yourself, or download them? If you took them yourself, get cracking on a coffee table book on Eastern Europe!

    • Why thank you, those ARE all my own pictures! I should point out that Prague lends itself easily to beautiful photos, it’s not really a talented photographer behind the camera… 😉

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