Good morning, Basel!

The Swiss apparently call them “Ferien auf Balkoniena holiday on your balcony. Given that I could easily spend all my income on city breaks and sitting in Cafes drinking espressos, I think it’s best that I spend the Pentecostal long weekend at home. Call it austerity measures. A cup of coffee from Starbucks costs about 5 Swiss Francs (that’s over £3, or about $5) I mean, really…

So, I’m forced to drink my instant coffee and tea on the balcony of my flat.

8.30am in late May.

Isn’t that terrible?

The view when I sit down with my morning coffee.

How am I supposed to unwind and relax if I’m just staying put at home? Where’s my exotic holiday destination?

The homeowners live on the stories above us with their family. The young children are fluent in English, French and German.

Hmmm…still…at least I don’t have to put up with any hordes of tourists…


3 thoughts on “Good morning, Basel!

    • I think the early morning sunlight made it look far more exotic than it usually is.
      As for drinking instant coffee…well, it’s a British thing. Only a Brit would be willing to put up with/actually enjoy cheap & nasty instant coffee on a daily basis (I have several excellent types of tea for afternoon drinking, thankfully).

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