Edinburgh: Taking Back the City

This is MY city, I could walk through it blindfolded and barefoot.

I came back to Edinburgh for a short enough time to attend a chemistry conference (more on that elsewhere), but it was amazing how quickly I was absorbed back into the city. It isn’t the same: more gouging up of the main streets in the preparation for trams, different shops, different fashions on the crowds of tourists, locals & students. I’m the not the same; quieter and more withdrawn after a year spent amongst reserved Swiss-Germans, uncertain where I once was over-confident, no longer calling this place home…yet it fits me perfectly.

The first thing is to make a bearing for a point of absolute, crystal perfect assurance: Black Medicine Coffee Company on Nicolson Street. Forget Princes Street or the Castle, as far as I’m concerned this is the centre of MY Edinburgh – near to where I lived in 2nd & 4th year, always serving damn fine beverages. From this point of certainty I slowly adjusted myself to the recent migration across borders, time and culture.

Ah yes, I’m back in the room.

On the afternoon of the conference, the weather was stellar (for Scotland) so I went on walkabouts until I could check in to my hotel room. It perhaps isn’t a surprise that I migrated to Arthur’s Seat.

Arthur’s Seat (L) and Salisbury Crags (R)

Possibly my favourite place in the entire world.

View of Edinburgh from Salisbury Crags

I took a lot of photographs whilst I resided in Edinburgh – of myself and of the city. Yet there weren’t any pictures featuring me AND Edinburgh, not MY Edinburgh at least. So, in the middle of Holyrood Park I set my camera to self-time and mucked around with it for a while.

I wasn’t lying about the barefoot part…

Ah yes, I’m back in the city.


4 thoughts on “Edinburgh: Taking Back the City

  1. Great pictures! I’ve never been to Edimburgh, makes me want to visit! You say you no longer call this place home, would you call Switzerland home now?
    After 3 years in Zürich, I start feeling at home here instead of nice where I come from…

    • Please: visit Edinburgh. You can even get a direct flight from Basel. 🙂
      I have several different definitions of what “home” is. There’s the place where I live, have my hobbies and circles of friends and which I feel a part of – that’s Basel. Then there’s the place that I feel like I belong to: where I feel more strongly about being absent from than being present in (if that makes sense). I’m almost going to say that’s Philadelphia, even though I only lived there 1 year. Philadelphia is “home” because I miss it a lot.

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