~Vote of Thanks For 2012~

Blogging does not take place in a vacuum. With Likes, Comments and Follows we connect ourselves to our readers and friends. With every new blog post we continue old conversations and invite new discussions.

The St Andrews Lynx’s blog exists for much the same reason I created a Facebook account – to keep in touch with others and to let those who are interested find out more about my life. What I write on the WordPress blog is a lot more nuanced and detailed than what goes on elsewhere on my social media profiles. I can hammer out Facebook statuses in quick response to joy and sadness; when I’m drafting a new blog post I need to sit down and think carefully about the story I want to tell before I can start typing. Blogging takes up time and creative energy.

I think as 2012 draws to a close it is a good time to thank the regular readers and comment-writers who’ve stuck around and chatted. The blogging community has shown me that (1) there is always somebody out there who is or has been in the same scenario as myself (2) even when our situations are not exactly the same, a lot of my experiences parallel, mirror or overlap with other bloggers’. Both are very comforting to know.

There were some rough points in 2012 – fortunately nothing too severe – that would have been a whole lot rougher if I hadn’t got a community who understood where I was coming from. A little empathy went a long way in helping me keep my head up. I hope I can repay that gift of empathy sometime soon.

Special shout-out of thanks must go to Cecile of Trying to Be Conscious (another relentless traveller whose adventures in Switzerland I can strongly relate to), Rian of Truth and Cake (whose “Truth and Cake community” has introduced me to many new blogs and writers), Kaitlyn of She Smiled The Widest Smile (who let me contribute some guest posts and then taught me meditation) and finally to my non-blogging friends who regularly read and comment on my blog.

I hope to stay connected to my blogging community throughout 2013 – if anything increasing and strengthening my connections. I’ll be reading more Freshly Pressed pieces, Following more blogs and remembering to check in with the folk who Follow me.

Thank you for 2012, guys. I look forward to seeing you in 2013.


2 thoughts on “~Vote of Thanks For 2012~

  1. Thank you for 2012, Claire!
    I agree with you, blogging wouldn’t be the same without the connection, the empathy, and the support we can get from our readers. I liked to follow your ramblings because even though our lives are very different, I felt like you ‘got’ my posts, and like I ‘got’ yours 🙂

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