2012 & 2013 – one eye backwards, one eye forwards


“For all it’s sham, drudgery and broken dreams it is still a beautiful world.”

2012 was a busy year with adventures across Europe. It was a year of tough decisions: some took me a long time and several false starts to make. Others decisions seemed to happen quickly, automatically becoming “the right choice”. At the start of 2012 I was afraid of upheaval and uncertainty…now I think I’m starting to embrace it.

I don’t think 2013 will be an easier year (necessarily), but now I know that I can deal with difficult choices and setbacks.

There’s a lot of blank spaces in my new calendar – I’ve been busy plotting and scheming over the Christmas/New Year holiday, but of course everybody else has their email accounts set to ‘Out Of Office’ so things are slow kicking off – but at time of publishing there ARE some certainties ahead:

  1. Submitting more postgraduate applications. My American grad school applications have all been submitted, but there is still the British universities to take care of (the major research grants in the UK are announced in March, and the individual research groups need to know their funding situation before they make PhD offers, making the whole application cycle slightly later than in the USA). I’m preparing to apply to a lot more places this year to try and guarantee I get something sorted out. With PhD applications there comes email correspondence, statement drafting, visiting days and interviews – all things to keep me busy.
  2. Volunteering in a charity shop. I’m going to be back in Fife for the minimum of a month (assuming I find paid employment easily…which is highly optimistic) and I want to be productive. I’m going to be helping out at a Cancer Research UK charity shop in St Andrews starting this week. I enjoyed charity shop work when I did it back in secondary school so I’m sure it will be an enjoyable way of keeping busy, as well as being useful for my “non-science” CV.
  3. Chemistry happenings. The University of Edinburgh’s School of Chemistry is 300 years old (making it the 2nd oldest Chemistry Department in the UK after Cambridge’s) in 2013 and they’re putting on a large Burns Supper for alumni, staff and current students. I always really enjoyed the Chemistry end-of-year Balls, so it should be a great night. I’m also hoping to go along to the RSC Scottish Regional Meeting in February through in Glasgow, possibly just to see what’s going on, perhaps also to help out in some way suitable.


    There will MANY be more things to look forward to ahead – I’m hoping 2013 will be another busy year…


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