A Very British Problem

I head into the Tesco Metro store in St Andrews because I want to buy some tea. There’s a stressful few weeks ahead of me in 2013, now lying in range of sight. Ergo, bitch needs tea (see blogpost ‘Cosmic Harmony & Tea‘ for the backstory of my relationship with this particular hot drink). Specifically, I desire some chamomile tea because it seems to have a whole arsenal of health benefits and is a noted de-stresser.

Getting to the Coffee & Tea section of the supermarket and what do I find? The whole spectrum of teas. Tesco has stocked every type of Twinnings from Lady Grey to Assam, along with a myriad green teas. How naive of me to think only in terms of pure chamomile tea when I could choose from many notable chamomile infusions (lemon, cherry, mint).

What type of tea am I supposed to buy?!

I stood in front of the shelves for several minutes, bitterly regretting cycling into town with only a rucksack for transporting goods. I reflected that only a British person could ever be struck into such painful indecision when confronted with this variety of tea-based beverages. No wonder our Empire fell.

I stand by my eventual choice of pure chamomile and a box of Earl Grey. I can only hope I’m never put in such a situation again.


11 thoughts on “A Very British Problem

  1. There are very few places where that could happen here. Though I will say I had a somewhat similar experience going over the tea menu at the Chinese Gardens in Portland.

    • I’m not sure I have a FAVOURITE tea (it sorta depends on my mood), but I think Earl Grey is the one type I’d find hardest to live without. I’ll need to check out Bengal Spice, since I do like chai & chai lattes…
      Thanks for reading!

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