The Edinburgh Return: Slow Right Down

Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

If I hesitated for even a few days, I’d miss my chance. Sure I could wait for another offer of employment that might have better hours or be located closer to Fife…but my experience of the job market (ref. Adventures in Non-Employment) suggested that it could be several months before another one came along. If ever. I didn’t really enjoy being stuck in Fife – I was too far away from my friends, St Andrews was too isolated for my tastes. Big City Lights are more of my thing, I’ve learned.

Within a handful of short days everything happened. I formally accepted the job offer, two days later I started work and was frantically looking for permanent accommodation (within my price/location range) and a secondary source of cash whilst, in effect, having started my new Edinburgh life.  Hectic doesn’t really cover it.

Hence why the song ‘Slow It Down‘ by Amy MacDonald feels so appropriate.

It was the right call, though. I found an inexpensive room in a flat – it’s in a rough area of Edinburgh, but I decided it wasn’t so rough that I would be in danger there (y’know, keep all doors locked, don’t walk around at night, don’t bring anything too valuable over to Edinburgh, all the standard stuff for keeping safe should be fine). I had been looking into secondary sources of employment to ensure I wasn’t scraping by: there were interviews and sample writing pieces, it didn’t take too long to get offered a position as a freelance writer.

After that the chaos started to calm down. No longer half-in half-out, I formally moved from Fife to Edinburgh a week after the new job started. Things are going smoothly now, the running around has properly ceased.

Being back feels great.

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