The Following Post Will Make You Smile (2nd in the Series)

Well, on Friday I went along to the unveiling of a giant balloon sculpture called Pisces. He is currently hanging around in the National Museum of Scotland as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. His creator is Jason Hackenwerth, who specialises in these gigantic balloon artworks.

The lurking sea monster...

The lurking sea monster…

I assume that there exist in this world some people who won’t smile at the thought of a gigantic balloon sculpture of a mythical aquatic creature…but if they do then I don’t wanna know about them.


The constellation unveiled.

The supersized critter was created by the artist and a squad of Science Festival volunteers/staff over the preceding week; working in the middle of the atrium where the piece was to be hung. I stopped by a few days ago: it was impressive watching the swift weaving of long balloons into the body of the sculpture – the “webby” bits were attached afterwards. Several of the workers on the frontline had earplugs in to protect themselves from the sporadic bangs of burst balloons – most of the puncturing action was deliberate. The creation process drew hordes of people, definitely equal to the number at the unveiling.

I love the amount of nerdy enjoyment I get out of stuff like this.

3 thoughts on “The Following Post Will Make You Smile (2nd in the Series)

  1. I actually spent the night in that museum once when I was a child – I happened to be in Edinburgh during the Science week and there was an offer in the paper to have a night of science and (no) sleep in the museum. It was amazing trying to decide where I wanted to sleep – decided against the Egyptian exhibit cause it was somehow a little bit more creepy than the Neanderthal exhibit I eventually did end up sleeping in. Whole experience is one of my favourite memories.

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