Sunshine in my veins

Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach. I feel it in the air, summer’s back in reach…


It feels as like I am Dorothy; having just touched down on Oz, technicolour has suddenly been switched on to my world. I find myself walking about my usual business and spontaneously grinning. Why? Oh, no reason. Just that summer is coming.

There have been a number of years where I’ve felt distinct worry, unhappiness and despondency during the winter months. It’s happened often enough that I termed it the “winter darkness”. This year everything seemed to be fine…it was just when the sun started showing and the warmth  crept back that I realised just how much of a dulling effect the short nights and cold have on my mood.

Walking home at night last week there was a moment where I almost saw the fireflies. They aren’t here yet. Not for another few months. But I can sense their impending presence. And that too makes me happy.

Although I bitch about the snow, wet chills and biting winds, I think that I need winter weather in my life. I would struggle to live in Hawaii, Florida or California. Without winter darkness, I never truly appreciate the summer.

Summer is not just a time of warmth and light. Summer is when Things Change. My life is still tied to the academic calendar: degree programs, jobs and migrations all switch about then. Although many good things end, many good things begin, too. Even when the best things end, I’m reminded of the summers past when better things always began and when I survived the cycles of change.

I am all about summer.


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