Home Alone

I make a bad roommate. There are folk out there who need company after a day at school/work, who enjoy sharing their personal downtime with a friend. That’s not me. I’m one of those people who needs a bubble of isolation in my down-time and finds roommates to be a disturbing intrusion into their private sphere.

So, good news. My application has been approved for a 1 bedroom apartment, starting in a couple of months! It is located in an apartment complex neighbouring, but (and this is the crucial detail) not actually on the university campus. In fact, it is comfortably closer to downtown.

Amidst the natural concern that I’m being shilled an over-priced dud (I’ve heard horror stories about other apartment complexes), I’m optimistic and excited. Here are some of the reasons why I’m glad to re-gain a 1 bed apartment after a 4 year hiatus.

A. Unlimited Bath Time.

When I’m sharing accommodation I stick to showers. I know it can be torturous when you desperately need the toilet and someone just. Won’t. Leave. The bathroom. Showers are quicker and more considerate of others. I really love my baths, however. I love the idea of taking baths without ever worrying if somebody else is outside waiting to get in.

B. Personal Decorations.

In most rented flats I’ve lived in, the living room, bathroom and kitchen have been a demilitarised zone. You don’t impose your individualistic aesthetic tastes upon the public areas because not everyone is gonna appreciate your decor. With the place all to myself, I can resurrect my National Geographic pin-up maps (most people in their university days put up posters of the Beatles on Abbey Road or sassy slogans about alcohol: my maps were commented upon). Except that now I’m an adult I think I have to frame my wall decorations, rather than stick them up with pins and blu-tack.

C. Noise At All Hours.

No more guilt about disturbing a slumbering roommate. If I want to swear vocally when my alarm goes off at 6am then I have that right.

D. Back In Reality.

I’ve complained about living on campus – how it shrinks your existence and traps you. When I come back from work late I will soon be able to head out the door again, either to unwind in a cafe or pop in to the local supermarket when I realise I’ve forgotten an important ingredient for dinner. The presence of civilisation is a grounding force.


The quest for furnishings and decorations that don’t break the bank will soon begin!

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