About the St Andrews Lynx’s Blog

To briefly summarise what I intend this blog to do/be:

  • To tell stories. Actual stories, about real things that happened…to me. Stories that are serve to entertain and inform, hopefully also telling you something about me and my goings-on in the process.
  • Things I am passionate and enjoy writing about include Dancing (competitive and social), Travelling to new places, Personal & Professional Development, attempting to Learn German, relocating across international borders and doing the things that makes me happy. Hopefully through well-written and/or mildly amusing blog articles. And I’ll always try to include a pretty picture, despite my not being in any way a serious photographer or claiming to any kind of have special talent. ‘Cause everybody likes looking at pretty pictures, right?

Well...it seemed vaguely appropriate to the whole St Andrews Lynx theme...

Why the ‘St Andrews Lynx’?

To understand the rationale behind the name, you need to know a couple of things:

(a) Claire comes from a place near St Andrews, Scotland.

(b) St Andrews is really famous for one thing…its Golf Links.

(c) Claire is rather fond of cats.

Happy reading, and look forward to hearing from you!


One thought on “About the St Andrews Lynx’s Blog

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