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* Opinion & Perspective Pieces *

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Chemist takes it upon herself to write biographies of women scientists on Wikipedia (link) | WikiEdu, Nov 2018

“The perils of conference dining” (link) | Chemistry World, Aug 2018 | Image by H-M. Jeeves


“The safety dance” (link) | Chemistry World, Apr 2018 | Image by H-M. Jeeves


“Do you acknowledge?” (link) | Chemistry World, Feb 2018 | Image by H-M. Jeeves


* Science Features *


Rutgers scientists discuss importance of 2017 Chemistry Nobel Prize winner (link) | The Daily Targum, 2017 | Photo courtesy of Catherine Lawson


Rutgers scientists address under-diagnosis of female autism using new tools (link) | The Daily Targum, 2017 | Photo courtesy of Caroline Wheat


A hard nut to crack: breeding the next generation of disease-resistant hazelnuts (link) | The Daily Targum, 2017


* News Features *

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Experts Converge on Atlanta to Discuss the Future of Vaccines, Georgia Bio Newsletter page 6 (Dec 2018)

Featured Alumni Interview with Dr Joanna Pulit-Penaloza, Biologist at the CDC (Aug 2018)

Featured Alumni Interview with Dr Stephen MacDonald, Vice President of Georgia Bio (July 2018)

The 2018 Emory Chemistry Carnival (Apr 2018)

Advancing Chemisty Through Diversity – How Can Emory Do Better? (Feb 2018)


* Magazine Editor & Writer – Emory Postdoc Science Writers Committee *

Fall ’18 – Microbiome Edition [Author of “Every breath you take – improving environmental health outcomes in Black infants” (page 5)]

Spring ’18 – Infectious Diseases Edition [Author of “Bite to the future – malaria research at Emory” (page 7)]

Proposed theme, commissioned stories, managed team of postdoc writers, edited articles and formatted magazine.